Party Time!

Party Ice to Dry Ice for any occasion, we've got you covered!

Party Ice

7 Lb Bag

20 Lb Bag

From backyard parties, large festivals to formal events, we will accommodate your event indoors or outdoors. We will provide all the ice you will need to make it a success!

Our ice is made with state-of-the-art ice making equipment at Glacier’s manufacturing facilities.
A modern reverse-osmosis purification process is used to ensure high quality products, a
standard that consumers are known to enjoy.

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Alhambra Premium Ice

Alhambra Premium Ice is uniquely packaged in a convenient 9 lb. bag containing 3 individually sealed offers consumers an easy way to store Alhambra Premium ice in home freezers and holds its purity and freshness by only using one bag at a time.

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Block Ice

Made with the same quality and standards of Glacier Party Ice. Used for bulk cooling needs, the long-lasting 10lb block always has good use for camping or ice chests.

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Dry Ice

When you require a cooling medium that can go the distance, dry ice is perfect for the task. Dry ice is composed of frozen carbon dioxide at a temperature of minus 109 degrees Fahrenheit, which gives it the power to keep material colder and longer than block ice or cubes. 

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